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Productivity Lifehack – Block Distracting Web

I look through hundreds of web pages every day of my work. It’s very easy to get distracted while searching for something. I turned off social networks notifications long time ago, but now realized I waste a lot of time when stumble upon random videos and articles on the internet. “Wow, monkey is buying drink from vending machine! Unbelievable, got to go watch!” So, unnoticed by me, the minutes turn into hours of useless time.

Solution found! The app for Mac Os called SelfControl. How it works: you create black list of websites you want to block, set the timer and simply click “start”. The best thing is you can not visit blocked pages until countdown is over. Even if you turn off the app or delete it. Awesome! Also you can make a white list and add sites that you want to visit and it will block all other web. That’s too tough for me though, I use black-list to block Youtube, Twitch, Tumblr, sometimes social networks. There is program for Windows too, it’s called Freedom.

SelfControl app helps me to avoid distracting sites, so when I need to make a little break, instead of watching cat videos on Youtube I read articles about design or get inspired on Behance.

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