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Gamenews is an aggregator app for all gaming news. With this app you will not miss a single news of gaming world. The design goal was to create app for smooth and easy use. And the combination of typography, ergonomics, and personal love to video games helped to achieve the desired idea.

Comortable data

Each news card contains all necessary information.You can see heading with a description, source, date and platforms without opening the article.

News just for you

Platform preferences let you filter your news feed. You can choose one platform or any or all of them to keep up with all the gaming world.


Unique design

Design is an important criterion for selecting a product. The gamenews app has single, unique and modern form, with convenient typography and usability. This will provide recognition and uniqueness among other applications.


Discover all stories

The app shows the news from all news portals.
Download the app and stay on top of the gaming news!

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